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Video surveillance for your home can offer many benefits and there are many useful applications.

Our solutions help protect your indoor and outdoor property from theft and vandalism. Avaton’s premium selection of home network surveillance cameras offers a considerable number of benefits both in their design and performance.

Our Solutions Prevent:

Theft– home surveillance cameras can discourage intruders from breaking into your home, as well as serve as a vital evidentiary tool in identifying criminals who make the mistake of targeting your residence.

Vandalism– spray painting/graffiti, mailbox tampering, breaking windows and other forms of vandalism do and can happen, and they’re all detrimental to the value of your property. Installing a video surveillance system to catch nefarious activities will provide you with the evidence you need to go to the police.

Outdoor Theft– it is essential to not only protect the inside of your home but also your outdoor property. Many thieves and vandals target vehicles and outdoor equipment like tractors and boats.

Monitoring Service Personnel– security cameras are perfect for monitoring anyone you’ve hired who has access to your home such as house cleaners, contractors, gardeners, and even realtors. All too often, there are cases where service personnel steal valuable and/or personal goods such as prescriptions, jewelry, and small electronics from the homes in which they work. These items are targeted because homeowners don’t notice that they’ve gone missing right away – or sometimes they don’t notice at all.

Our Digital IP and Analog solutions boast the highest quality features and produce the most detailed images that make recognition and identification possible. Our approach can incorporate audio/video, touch screens, lighting and smartphones. With a smartphone, you can download mobile surveillance apps to view your security system even when you are on the go.

Upon contacting us, our technicians will come to your residence and run an assessment based on your living style. This will enable us to determine what the ideal blend of technology will work for your property. All of our solutions incorporate structured, well thought out designs.


Whether you just moved in to a new residence or want to secure your current home, Avaton can provide you with a reliable surveillance solution so please contact us today.

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