When it comes to controlling access to your organization, you know better than anyone else what is at stake. Access control technology, which requires building occupants to swipe a digital credential device before entering and denies access to those who don’t have the device, is more important than ever. Industries across the corporate spectrum are utilizing this technology to keep buildings free from unauthorized visitors.

Fortunately, advances in technology mean that you have more choices than ever in terms of sophistication and complexity. An access control system designed and installed by Avaton can include:

  • Integrated portrait badgingcomm_access
  • Distributed control
  • Remote administration
  • Alarm processing
  • Program time and areas for authorized employee access
  • Eliminates the need to re-key the entire building whenever you experience employee turnover
  • Control employee access into sensitive areas
  • Eliminates the chance of false alarms by disarming the intrusion sensors upon authorized entry
  • Decrease security threats by restricting walk-in traffic
  • Add or delete employees quickly and easily from the system
  • Ability to network entire system in multiple locations

Employee safety, employee turnover, internal/external losses are all common challenges businesses face today. Avaton offers a comprehensive product line of keyless access control systems, ranging from small single door applications to multi-site campus style systems. When integrated with our system software, these customizable access systems not only eliminate the risk of physical keys, but also create full-featured business management tools.

For the best in access control solutions, please contact us as we will provide unmatched expertise and cutting edge technology to meet your needs.