In the world of commercial audio/video, there is no such thing as a standard package. Our design team will spend the time to consult with you on your business in order to fully understand your needs and expectations therefore allowing us to design the proper system.

Avaton gives you an opportunity to take your business to a higher level by ensuring that you are able to communicate with the world without barriers.


Our Audio/Video solutions can offer these benefits to your company:

  • Efficiency– make decisions faster, manage dispersed employees, react to market opportunities and solve issues in real time, regardless of where participants are located. In addition, our solutions dramatically reduce travel expenses, increase productivity and maximize employee time.
  • Marketing– our audio and video solutions can be a functional marketing tool for your business. By using our solutions which can include interactive boards, monitors, digital signage, menu displays and projectors, your company can reach more of their target audience.
  • Space saving– the entire infrastructure is installed in one area, maximizing your space. The great thing with our Audio/Video solutions is that they consolidate functions. What previously would have required multiple pieces of equipment is handled in one platform.
  • Versatility– our Audio/Video solutions provide all the capabilities needed through the use of various types of video conferencing systems, integrated audio systems, full room control systems and more. A fully integrated system allows you to increase the effectiveness and impact of meetings and presentations.

You can trust us to design reliable, efficient and cost-effective Audio/Video solutions that cater to your specific needs. Simply contact us to bring your business or institution up to speed with all the latest Audio/Video products that will make you more efficient and effective.