Businesses of all types use video surveillance to secure their facilities and protect employees and assets from malicious activity. With the emergence of digital video, IP cameras and network video recorders, companies can deliver surveillance through the Internet to reduce costs and enable greater sophistication. But these systems produce huge amounts of data that are difficult to manage and significantly increase data center costs. To reduce total cost of ownership, simplify management and gain more effective security, companies need help from proven IT expertise in integrating unified, reliable digital security systems.

At Avaton, our experts work with organizations to deliver cost-effective, intelligent digital video surveillance solutions. We offer recording and analytics solutions that are integrated, highly scalable, distributed and standards-based.


Our Video Surveillance solution enables intelligent, cost-effective protection through:

Around the Clock Surveillance– our surveillance camera solution with cameras positioned throughout your business will help prevent crimes and break-ins.

Improved Productivity– the presence of surveillance cameras on the premises can improve communication between departments or buildings, allowing for heightened productivity.

Limit Liability– in instances where employees or visitors falsely attest to injuring themselves on your property, visual evidence from the facility’s security cameras can disprove such accusations, saving your business from pricey unwarranted insurance claims.

Remote Video Monitoring– remote monitoring is an extremely helpful tool. IP surveillance allows your employees to view security camera footage remotely from any PC or Smartphone. Multiple sites can even communicate over the same network with all of the camera views accessible online via the Internet.

When you contact us, we will dispatch a representative to your business in order to provide a custom, tailored solution.