As an authorized Crestron dealer paired with our Certified programmers, With Crestron hardware and Avatons certified Crestron programming, you’ll enjoy greater comfort, reliability, and convenience throughout your home. Using stylish keypads, in-wall and tabletop touch screens or your personal smart device, you can easily control everything room-by-room.  

Crestron can integrate your entire home into one easy to use interface.  Control your distributed audio/video, lights, shades, HVAC, cameras, alarm, fireplace and many other things throughout your home at the touch of a button.  Crestron hardware programmed by Avaton can even take it a step further by creating automated scenes that cater to different people in your home.  For example, if you prefer certain music, lighting scene, temperature level and other settings a certain way, Avaton’s Crestron solutions will sense you’re presence in the room or house and set your preferences automatically.  Your spouse, kids or others living in the house can also have their preferences programmed into the system and can cater to their specific needs. 

With Crestron hardware and our expertise in programming, the possibilities are endless; believe in your ideas!